The oldest bowling green in the Southern Hemisphere

Early in the city’s history this area was converted to a bowling green. Laid in 1861, the greens are believed to be the oldest in the Southern Hemisphere. The process of converting swampland to bowling green required transporting in enormous quantities of stone to lay the foundations, making the green a very expensive undertaking at the time, costing 1,700 pounds by the time the initial setting up was completed in 1862.

The grounds were originally part of the Domain. The land was initially held by the Club on a warrant from the Colonial Secretary, but was purchased from the Crown in 1885 for 800 pounds.

It was held in trust for the members until 1897, when the Club was registered under the Unclassified Societies Registration Act 1895.

When it was first formed the green was only large enough for 5 rinks, but this was expanded considerably and now has two greens and a club house.

In recent years there has been a huge resurgence in interest and today the club offers its members and visitors two world class greens in a boutique bowling club setting. The club celebrated its 150th year in 2011 and with growing membership and corporate support the club looks forward to a bright future.

Every year over 7,000 people play on the two greens and enjoy the club’s facilities.

The Auckland Bowling Club is one of Auckland’s iconic sporting venues which continues to meet the recreational needs of members from all corners of our beautiful city.