Auckland Bowling Club Triumphs in National Interclub Sevens, Securing Historic Victory

Auckland, New Zealand – In a thrilling showcase of skill and determination, the Auckland Bowling Club (ABC) clinched the prestigious National Interclub Sevens title, marking their first national team victory since their inception in 1861. The competition, hailed as the ultimate club challenge in New Zealand, saw regional champions from across the country converge in Auckland for an intense battle to claim the title of the strongest club in the nation.

This historic victory for ABC carries profound significance, with their last national title dating back to 1953 when the late Mr. Rabone secured a singles title. Now, more than seven decades later, ABC has etched their name in the annals of New Zealand bowling history once again.

The format of the competition, featuring seven players per team competing in singles, pairs, and fours disciplines, demanded a blend of individual excellence and cohesive teamwork. To advance, teams needed to secure two wins out of the three disciplines in each round.

Among the standout performers for ABC was Kerry Chapman and Jamie Hill, who added another accolade to their illustrious careers. Kerry with his fifth National title, earning him the coveted Silver Star. Remarkably, Chapman initially expressed doubts about his selection, underscoring the depth of talent within the ABC ranks. Jamie with his incredible 6th National title, again shows us how truly talented he is and certainly a superstar of the bowls sector. Jamie exemplified true grit to deliver a controlled, outstanding singles win.

However, it was not just seasoned veterans who shone on the green. Liam Hill, a 15-year-old prodigy, captured his first National title, showcasing remarkable composure and skill beyond his years. Meanwhile, Mike Reid displayed immense resilience by battling through a strained Achilles, a testament to his unwavering commitment to the team’s cause.

The success can be greatly tributed to the unbeaten fours combination, through qualifying and finals rounds. Which in itself, is a success story for the ages.

The semifinal clash against the formidable Elmwood Park team proved to be a test of nerves and skill. Despite facing early setbacks, including Kelvin Scott’s masterful performance in the singles discipline, ABC rallied magnificently. A stirring comeback in the pairs, highlighted by Kerry and Liam’s tenacity, paved the way for a resounding victory in the fours, propelling ABC into the championship final.

Facing off against Gore in the title decider, ABC exhibited steely resolve and determination. Jamie, undeterred by an earlier defeat, delivered a commanding performance to overpower his opponent and set the stage for a thrilling climax. With the title within reach, ABC’s fate hinged on the pairs and fours disciplines.

Although the pairs encounter hung in the balance, it was the fours team that rose to the occasion, seizing control and holding firm against a spirited Gore challenge. In a moment of sheer brilliance, skip Adam ‘get that into ya’ Haywood conjured a magical bowl to extinguish any hopes of a Gore comeback, sealing ABC’s triumph.

Beyond the skill displayed on the green, commentators and Bowls NZ representatives alike took note of ABC’s camaraderie and energy, both on and off the field. The team’s rhythm, characterised by understated yet palpable energy, coupled with fervent support from ABC’s loyal supporters, left an indelible impression on spectators and rivals alike.

As the last bowl settled and we remained one up, roaring cheers reverberated across the green, Auckland Bowling Club etched their name in the annals of New Zealand bowling history, reaffirming their status as champions and inspiring future generations of bowlers across the nation.



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